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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 17, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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>> san jose police arrest a man who called 911 to alert authorities after a twist in the case, he's now charged with murder. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. police say the wum --woman's death seems suspicious from the start. one year later, her boyfriend is behind bars accused of killing her after she reported she killed herself. >> anthony almaguer is here tonight in the santa clara county jail charged with homicide. he ended up behind
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bars after detectives determined his girlfriend did not commit suicide more than a year ago. reporter: this apartment on north capital avenue in east san jose was listed as the home of 24-year-old angela before her death in 2011. >> the reporting party at the time was a boyfriend reporting his girlfriend had just committed suicide. >> reporter: i knocked on the door this afternoon to find out if anyone had any information about her boyfriend, 26-year-old anthony almaguer. after my photographer shut off the camera, a woman told me he wasn't there at this time, which we knew because san jose police arrested him yesterday. >> they made the determination that the reporting party at the time, the boyfriend, was in fact considered a suspect and now they were investigating it as a homicide. >> reporter: san jose police say the suicide seemed suspicious at the time and brought out the homicide unit. neighbor mike wile remembers that day last year. >> about 10 officers over
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there. they had a special crimes unit van over there. just like you see on csi or any of those shows. >> reporter: police did not reveal the exact cause of her death but say a gun was not used. they say detectives spent the last 13 months doing interviews, collecting evidence, and working with the coroner before deciding to arrest almaguer. >> pretty scary. yeah. pretty scary knowing i had a killer right next to me. >> this change in her cause of death raises last year's homicide total in san jose to 40. currently there are 37 homicides in 2012. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> statistics show an 18% jump in violent crime across the country last year. it's the first year over year increase in nearly two decades. according to the justice department the
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biggest jump in crime was aggravated assaults. property crime, including burglary and theft increased 11%. the incidents of rape, sexual assault and crimes involving injury or weapons remain largely unchanged. criminologists say the jump in climb follows 2010's historically low numbers. >> if you thought you saw a fireball flash across the sky tonight, you're not alone. we began getting calls around 7:30 this morning. we spoke to an astronomy instructor and he tells us what people saw was likely a meteor, about the size of a small car burning up in the atmosphere. we also learned the orionid meteor shower is taking place right now. they're very small particles. the astronomy instructor said the objects seen tonight took so long to pass across the sky it was probably a much larger fireball. there's a red flag warning
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posted tonight for parts of the bay area. while the weather is warm, firefighters tell us the big problem is the offshore winds. we have team coverage tonight. pattie is live in contra costa county. we begin with chief meteorologist bill martin and the conditions that prompted the alert. >> today temperatures warmed up significantly, about 10 degrees over yesterday's temperatures. that prompted the national weather service to issue a red flag warning tonight through tomorrow morning at about 8 a.m. higher elevations in the north and east bay, winds right now are 15 to 20 in the east bay hills. it's dry out there. it's october. it's something we have to be concerned with. i'm going to have all the details on your daytime highs tomorrow as they warm up. i'll see you back here at 10:20. >> in contra costa county, firefighters have beefed up staffing tonight due to the increased fire danger. pattie lee continues the coverage and tells us about the precautions being taken this evening. >> four firefighters, a
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battalion chief and dispatcher were called in late this afternoon to help the county deal with the high fire danger, especially around the base of mount diablo. the threat inspected to increase with the predicted wind gust tonight. reporter: with their focus on the children, the red flag warning issued this afternoon escaped the attention of some parents. but given the day's high temperatures, few are surprised to hear that fire danger is high. >> i do live in a dangerous area. i live in an apartment complex where the back part is all mountains and brush. >> reporter: there were close calls earlier today according to contra costa county fire marshal. two brush fires could have been whipped out of control if winds had been stronger. that luck may not hold tonight. >> 45, 50 miles per hour is what they said. but they're predicting. so we'll see what happens. >> reporter: warned by the national weather service that conditions are ripe for wildfires, crews are ready for a busy night. >> we've got extra guys to take
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care of medical calls and have staffing ready for a fire. >> reporter: battalion chief mike bacard says residents at the base of mount diablo know they're at risk. it extends to martinez, lafayette, and beyond. >> one of the times where we had the open hills fire when there was a red flag warning. >> reporter: the north bay mountains are also included in the red flag warning which will stay in effect until 8 a.m. tomorrow. >> a small wild fire is burning out of control tonight about 10 miles north of santa barbara. earlier today it was threatening about 100 homes in the painted cave community. at 5:00 tonight, the mandatory evacuation order was lifted. so far the fire hasn't burned a lot of acreage but firefighters say it has the potential to spread quickly. >> hold on tight. that's what the skip per told the crew of
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oracle's $8 million racing boat just before it flipped over in the bay. ktvu noel walker tells us when you hear exactly what happened it's amazing no one was seriously hurt. >> reporter: at a time when team oracle should be in the water they were busy trying to get their catamaran on dry water. it's being fished out of bay, upside down, piece after carbon fiber piece. >> we're off the water which isn't what we wanted. >> reporter: tom slingsby is a tactician. >> we're still learning what the boats can take and i think we found what they can take yesterday. >> reporter: the team had the ac72 out sailing yesterday. as the waves got bigger, the team decided to bear away or turn away from the wind. a witness recorded the moment the boat capsized. when the nose went down, the back of the boat was
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six stories above the water. >> when we realized we were going to capsize, jimmy said everybody hold on tight and look out for your team members. >> reporter: jimmy spithill is team oracle's skipper. >> the team did a good job of looking out for one another. we had a plan and we had to use it. >> reporter: team oracle's chase boat caught the aftermath. nothing captures what it was like to be onboard moments before this when it up-ended. >> when you've got carbon rigging and rings and foils and lots of sharp things to hit on the way down, it's a very serious matter. >> reporter: the new 72-footer was already in construction but won't be ready till the end of next year. >> authorities in new york city arrested a man from bangladesh today and charged him with a terrorist plot to blow up manhattan's federal reserve building. federal prosecutors
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say the man parked what he thought was a car bomb this morning and then tried to detonate. the plan failed because the fbi set up an elaborate sting operation. they say the suspect was on a mission to destroy america. >> he got a student visa under the pretext of being a student in college in missouri. >> authorities identify the man as 21-year-old nafiss. agents tracked him after he posted comments about jihad on the internet. he's being held without bail. he did not enter a plea to the charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass introduction. >> a construction worker who fell down an elevator shaft is out of surgery tonight and in stable condition. the 46-year-old man was installing safety barricades around an open elevator shaft in palo alto when he fell about 30 feet to the bottom. the company doing the
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construction plans to conduct an investigation. investigators say they're waiting for an autopsy to confirm the identity of a pilot involved in a plane crash on the peninsula. search crews located the burnt wreckage of the plane yesterday morning. the plane vanished after the pilot took off early monday from the half moon bay airport. the wreckage was found less than a mile from the airway. the aircraft is registered to andrew hayden from florida. >> a boy who was kicked out of the boy scouts because he's gay, ryan, has gained national attention for his battle with the counsel. the petition of support is signed by 400,000 people. he says troop leader refused to allow him to become an eagle scout even though he had completed all of the requirements. >> welcome to st. louis. >> it wasn't the welcome the
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giants wanted. our crew is live in st. louis with the long rain delay and die hard giants fans. >> this is the spot where the deadly conflict began. police released surveillance video of what caused
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>> things didn't go exactly as the giants planned in st. louis today. first came the rain,
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then the loss. despite all that, san francisco fans have a sunny outlook for tomorrow. deborah? >> the 7th inning stretch became the 7th inning soaking. a three-hour rain delay. and bay area fans here at busch stadium hoped the pause might change the momentum but the score stayed the same to the end, 3-1 cardinals. reporter: fireworks for the cardinals' victory where lightning had lit the sky before. >> they said you need to go undercover. so get out of this area. >> reporter: ushers warned the giants fans to leave. just the night before last, they were waving their towels for the win. now they're drowning in cardinal red and a downpour. >> we went to last night's game and it was gorgeous. no jackets or anything. >> it's going to be here in about 5 minutes.
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>> reporter: the seats were full of storm watching. as it arrive, ponchos came out. locals knew the tarp would be taking the field and everyone would swarm the concession. >> it might take a couple hours but we'll be back and we'll wipe our seats off and we'll win the game. >> reporter: and that's exactly what happened. the cardinals now up a game. their fans hoping to close it out here at home. but giants fans vow no surrender. >> disappointing today. hopefully we come back tomorrow and battle a little bit harder. >> reporter: these two brother said spent the rain delay talk ing to cardinals fans and never considered levering. never -- leaving. >> we were not going to go to the hotel and watch movies when we came all the way to st. louis. there's not a lot to do here. when you come all the way out here, it's basically go to the game. >> you're looking at the most
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famous st. louis attraction, the arch gateway to the west. it sits on the west bank of the mississippi river, visible from the stadium. of course the only sight the bay area fans want to see? a giants win tomorrow. reporting live in st. louis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as for the game itself, sports director mark ibanez will join us a little bit later in sports. >> giants fans were glued to their television sets all across the bay area today hoping the giants would come up with a late winning rally over the cardinals. >> i've been a diehard giants fan since candlestick park. i've seen 2010 happen. it's all about 2012 now. >> even though the giants are now down two games to one, that didn't seem to put a damper on fans who think the team will definitely bounce back tomorrow night. you can watch game 4 right here on ktvu. our coverage begins at 4:30,
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following a special edition of ktvu news. the first pitch in st. louis will be at about 5:07. >> police made an arrest in connection with the city's first homicide of the year. officers responded to a 911 call at a home on del road shortly after 5:00 this morning. when officers arrived they found 24-year-old keith doff cofey. investigators say the two got in to some kind of altercation that led to the killing. >> newly released surveillance video shows how a simply parking mistake may have cost a man his life. >> reporter: the video shows 23-year-old charles butler parking his car outside a store off 45th and market. >> the bad parking mr. butler did is the reason why the people
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inside this car thought it was a reason to kill mr. butler. >> reporter: it also shows butler inside the store arguing with one of the suspects. he was killed the next day by the same men blocks from the store. >> it was painful, difficult to watch. >> reporter: butler's family came to ktvu this afternoon to watch the video for the first time. >> that bumping of the car, that's ridiculous. that's what a bumper is for. >> reporter: it was tough for them to see their loved one just weeks before he was shipped out to see as a marine. >> i feel like it was a vicious attack upon my son and i really want justice. >> when someone can shoot and kill someone who comes from a similar background, looks just like them and don't know them, that's self hatred. that's anger directed inward. >> reporter: police tell me they have an idea who the
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killers are, they just need help from witnesses. the family wants the same. >> because if we know who these people are and if we continue to harbor these murders and condole their behavior, who's going to be next? >> the family is proud to say butler lives on in two people who were saved when they used his organs. today the medical county examiner identified the man shot by police last week is 42-year-old thompson peritrovic. he was arguing with his 66-year-old father when they arrived in santa clara. he refused to drop a knife he was holding and charged his father, prompting all three officers on the scene to shoot and kill him. >> after mixed reports, the dow rose 5 points, nasdaq up 3. weak earnings from intel and ibm weighed down the markets.
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the commerce market reported a surge in housing starts. the number of foreclosures is down in california, hitting a new five-year low. there were slightly more than 49,000 default notices filed through july to september, down a third from the same period last year. several counties in the bay area were reported among the least likely for homeowners to go in to default. american airlines will post job openings for 1500 flight attendants. the airline needs to replace 2200 flight attendants who took buy-outs. american announced $238 million in losses for the 3rd quarter, much of that due to fuel cost. >> those red flag warnings in effect overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. winds in the east bay hills could gust to 20, 25 miles per hour. the fire danger will be elevated the next 24 hours and daytime highs warmer tomorrow than they were today. how do we know that?
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look at the current temperatures. it's 70 right now in oakland. 75 in redwood city. 70 in antioch. 67 in livermore. 68 degrees in down town san francisco at 10:20 at night. definitely warm out there. going to start out warm tomorrow. no fog to contend with. fire danger up. humidity down. when i come back at 10:45, we'll look directly at your forecast for the weekend and beyond. it's going to warm up and cool down. i'll have the details. >> more sponsors are cutting ties with bike rider lance armstrong following a condemning u.s. antidoping agency report. today nike announced its severing its business agreement with the cyclist. the endorsement contract was reportedly worth $50 million over five years. armstrong is stepping down as chairman of his live strong nonprofit organization. >> we've taken what was an awful event for a lot of people and made the best out of it.
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>> 23 years after loma. at 10:30, the good many say came from that day.
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you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. >> a stunning fall from grace tonight involving a prominent doctor in the south bay. he's now accused of dealing drugs and is facing very serious felony charges. robert handa tells us he could face more charges based on what authorities say they found inside his home. >> reporter: dr. marvin bonham had a successful life, a luxerious home, and a business. now the 61 yeer
11:54 pm
-- 61-year-old bonham faces 18 felony charges for illegally prescribing drugs. >> he was basically using his power of being able to write addictions for heavily addictive substances to get drugs, possibly sex, and also resale for money. >> reporter: a search two weeks ago in bonham's home turned up more possible evidence. >> sales quantities of methamphetamine, ecstasy, mushrooms, underground marijuana operations. >> reporter: at home, after posting $1 million bail, he declined to be on camera but proclaimed his innocence. >> want to give me a statement? >> talk to my attorney. i'm innocent. >> reporter: the-search turned up child pornography and video from surveillance cameras in bedrooms. >> there will be separate investigations and possible allegations that could include child pornography and inappropriate contact with minors.
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>> reporter: valley health plan failed to comment. bonham will make his first court appearance tomorrow. robert handa, ktvu news. >> a man is accused of killing a 14-year-old girl in pleasanton from 1984. tina faelz was stabbed 44 times by steven john carson when he was 16 years old. faelz was found face down in a ditch. authorities say dna connected carlson to the victim's bag found at the crime scene. he's now 44 years old. today's ruling came at the end of a a preliminary hearing. >> target will open a store at gary next october. construction is already underway at the site. it used to be the old sears
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store and then a mervins. it plans to hire 250 people to work there. grocery outlet announced it's opening two new stores in san francisco. the stores could hire up to 70 employees. grocery outlet did not say when the new locations would open. >> a 3-month-old bear cub is recuperating tonight in lake tahoe. the cub was apparently abandoned or orphaned. it was found in ventura county weighing 11 pounds. wildlife workers say the bear should weigh around 40 to 50 pounds and today they took blood samples to see if she's suffering from any ailments. the cub is expected to stay at the center through the winter. >> that little picture there. >> very cute. >> after the break, bill's forecast for the giants game tomorrow night. >> a historic lawsuit moves forward to trial. why four bay
11:57 pm
area counties are suing leman brothers executives for fraud. >> 23 years ago this was not really the place to be. coming up, a look back at the disaster that brought about some dramatic changes. @
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>> if you watched the giants game you know it was a long one. heavy rain delayed that game for hours in the 7th inning. thunderstorms rolled through followed by a second wave of rainy weather. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now with the forecast for game 4 set tomorrow night in st. louis. >> it was a mess out there, julie. big rain delay. let's take a look at the forecast for
12:00 am
tomorrow. here goes the model. tonight at 10:00, clouds tomorrow, just about game time. look at the clouds thicken up. you see the blue areas to the north, light sprinkle, drizzle late in the game. more stuff to the north. what are we calling for? a chance of sprinkles. some clouds out there for sure. light showers possible in the area. probably not enough to rain the game out or cause a delay, just miserable conditions. 63 degrees for daytime high. when i get back here at 7:45 we're going to go directly to the bay area weekend and talk about the red flag warning as well. see you back here. >> it lasted only 15 seconds, but the deadly loma earthquake on this day back in 1989 really transformed the lives of thousands along with the bay area landscape. heather holmes is in the city tonight to show us then and now. >> most people probably remember the big barrier between the city and the waterfront. the freeway is long gone and in
12:01 am
its place, the scenic promenade. that's one of the success stories that emerged from that disaster. reporter: the grim images of loma are hard to forget. 42 people died when the upper deck pancaked on to the lower. it burned out of control for hours. in the end, the 6.9 magnitude quake killed 63 people, injured more than 3700, and caused nearly $6 billion in damage. >> i remember running outside and seeing telephone poles and wires all over the place. >> reporter: san francisco businessman jack robertson also remembers when the ferry building was just that. >> nobody went here. you took the fer ry, you kind of went through a little tiny hallway to get from the boat and got out of here as quickly as possible. >> the quake prompted a new vision for the area that reunited the city with its waterfront. with miles of spectacular walking and bicycle
12:02 am
paths, restaurants, and open spaces. >> i think we've taken what was an awful event for a lot of people and made the best out of it and made it a better city. >> reporter: visiting today from indiana, they remember pictures from the damaged bay bridge come across their television. >> after all these years i like to see where that was. >> reporter: the new $6.3 billion eastern span is now on track to open next labor day. today on the 23rd anniversary, a push to get ready for tomorrow's earthquake drill. >> never let your guard down, always be prepped. >> that includes having an emergency plan and kit. the statewide drill is expected to take place tomorrow at 10:18 in the morning. heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the department of interior
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announced today 22 new landmarks. this is video from october 8th, earlier this month when president obama declared this site a national monument. there are two spots in the bay area, the u.s. post office and courthouse in san francisco, also known as the james r browning u.s. court of appeals, and the other is the drakes bay historic and archeological district in point rays station. >> turning now to the race for the white house. president obama seized upon a remark by mitt romney during last night's debate. >> we don't have to order up some binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women to learn and teach and thrive and start business. >> the president was campaigning in the battleground state of ohio again. he and romney are focusing on getting women's vote. women were key to president obama's election four years ago and will be key again
12:04 am
come november 6th. >> why is it that there are 3.6 million more women in poverty today than when the president took office? this president has failed america's women. >> mitt romney said women are coming up to him on the campaign trail asking how they can find jobs and better schools for their children. he was in virginia today which is also considered a swing state. romney's camp says he'll make a speech next week about spending and debt. >> it's a historic ruling, a federal judge has decided that san mateo county and other municipal investors can sue investors with the now-bankrupt lehman brothers for fraud. jana katsuyama is here live. >> san mateo county lost a lot of money with lehman brothers and they had to make deep staff and services cuts at places such as the san mateo county medical center here. they are moving
12:05 am
forward to recoup taxpayer money now that the judge has cleared the way. >> reporter: san mateo county lost $155 million, a pool of money invested for the county's 22 school districts. the massive loss led to layoffs and deep cuts. >> we've eliminated 700 positions here at the county. we've cut $70 million of services here. >> reporter: san mateo is one of eight public and private entities in california, including other counties that are taking top lehman officials to court, suing them for fraud and violations of federal and california security laws. >> we felt like we couldn't let the taxpayers' money go down the tubes. >> reporter: it's the first case to target them for fraud and trying to hide assets. >> no one has gone to jail for the largest financial collapse since the great depression, and it's only because of cities and
12:06 am
counties, like the county of san mateo that are actually holding these individuals accountable. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges fuhl with held information so they would continue investing money. >> what they engaged in was basically an accounting gimmick to make them seem healthier than they actually were and they lied about this all the way up to the bankruptcy. >> the trial is set to be heard in new york, and the attorneys hope it will start some time next month. they do hope this could set a precedent for future lawsuits. reporting live in san mateo, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a police officer has agreed to drop further litigation against the department and retire. cleveland brown worked for the richmond police department for over 30 years. he was one of seven police officers who lost their cases after filing a race-based discrimination lawsuit against
12:07 am
the department, but two officers have filed a new discrimination lawsuit that is set to be heard in federal court in jan
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>> an armed robbery suspect who san francisco police say gave them the slip by hopping on a bus is now at the center of a debate over privacy rights. prosecutors have subpoenaed the information from his clippard card in hoping to place the suspect at the scene of the crime. the request to use the database is upsetting privacy advocate. they say most card molders probably don't realize information about their movements is stored for up to 7 years. transit officials say
12:10 am
they can remain anonymous if they pay for the card in cash and don't register it. download the ktvu app. click on the live icon. you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. >> it appears chick-fil-a's plans to locate in mountain view won't fly. the counsel voted against the project, citing concerns over the size of the project and traffic. >> in a twist of fate, students making a film about preventing violence actually had their camera and gear stolen at gunpoint in oakland. it happened at 32nd and martin luther king. two students and three staff members for the center for human rights say they were about to videotape a scene. >> we were setting up the scene for our video when all of the sudden two young men came up to us with a gun demanding our camera equipment. >> what did you guys do? >> we all backed away and let
12:11 am
them take the equipment. >> this is a clip of the movie the students are making. it deals with the relationship between the economy and violence. even though the students were very upset by the theft, they're even more motivated now to continue the project and they're trying to raise $3,000 to buy new gear. >> in stockton this evening there was a vigil for an act of violence, 8,000 miles away. people lit candles for the young pakistani girl who was shot and wounded by the taliban because she publicically campaigned girls should have the right to an education. one student organizer said they want to speak up and noted getting an education in pakistan is difficult. >> in news in the world tonight, in syria, video released by rebels claims to show a government helicopter shot down. it explodes in midair. a chopper may have been hit by anti-aircraft guns captured from regime forces. the u.s. envoy has asked the
12:12 am
syrian president to agree to a cease fire during an important muslim holiday this month. in london, dozens of workers with amnesty international walked off the job today. amnesty said it respects the rights of workers but will move to 10 regional centers. a pair of size 6 slippers that belong to marie an toinette were sold. she was once queen of france but beheaded in 1793. she's often credited with saying "let them eat cake" when told french peasants had no food to eat. >> the closer of the san mateo bridge.
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>> the san mateo bridge is in need of repairs and will be closed to traffic all this weekend and next. ken wayne reports on the problem. >> reporter: free way signs are posted all over the bay area warning motorists if you have to cross the bay this weekend you can't use the san mateo bridge. a crack was discovered two years ago in an i beam at the base of the bridge high rise. you can see the area of the bridge where the $3 million repair project will take place. steel plates were bolted over the i beam as a temporary fix but this weekend workers will install a new i beam to replace the cracked one. >> this design was done back in the mid 90s and we've learned a
12:16 am
lot since then. >> reporter: to do that a crane will be placed on the bridge to remove 12 sections of the bridge deck. cal trans provided this video showing the sections being fabricated. >> that crane will pick up the old deck sections, move them aside, pick up the new sections and put them in place. >> reporter: the bridge will be closed from friday night at 10:00 to monday morning at 5:00. many drivers will have to use the bay bridge to get from the peninsula to the east bay. drivers such as christina's mother. >> now she has to travel a little bit more. it's going to be a little bit hectic for her. >> reporter: stanford fans heading to cal for the weekend's big game will have to bypass the san mateo bridge. add to that celebrations on both sides of the bay for one of the biggest religious weekends for indian-americans. >> you're using a group e-mail to let everybody know that hey, you cannot take the san mateo bridge. >> reporter: the bridge work won't be done in one weekend. cal trans plans to close the san
12:17 am
mateo bridge the following weekend to finish the job. in heyward, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> at we've posted complete details about the closure and how you can get around it. >> an 11-year study of men over the age of 50 showed multivitamins modestly lowered their risk of cancer. the study was carried out by brigham hospital and va in boston. men who took multivitamins for more than a decade cut their chance of developing cancer by 8% compared to those who did not take multivitamins. >> a livermore man is the first to test positive for west nile virus in alameda valley. it brings the total number of americans infected to 277. the man is recovering. that case was one of 19 reported to the alameda county mosquito
12:18 am
abatement last week. nationwide, 183 people have died from the virus. more than 4500 cases of the mosquito-borne illness have been reported in 48 states. >> california grape growers say they're expecting a bump in crop this year, while europeans are saying it's the worst harvest in decades. more grapes means they'll be able to produce more wine, which should bring a dip in the price for consumers. with europe experiencing bad weather, california wines will find some new fans. >> it's warm out there right now. you know tomorrow is going to be another warm day. the red flag warning in effect for the higher elevations of the east and north bay hills. let's take a look at the temperature profile. 60s. san francisco and the airport right now at 68 degrees. let's check livermore out there. 67. concord, 64. it's the middle of october and
12:19 am
you've got temperatures near 70 degrees. tomorrow will be a warm day. warmest day of the week. extended forecast cools things down as you head in to the bay area weekend. overnight lows mainly in the 40s and low 50s. as we head to the weekend temperatures will be in the 70s. red flag warning should be dropped tomorrow morning at the latest. it's main ly for the weekends. we're seeing 15 to 20-mile-per-hour winds. that's what's forecasted. not much more than that. these are the highs recorded today. significant in santa rosa. 94. 87 in livermore. no records. 89 in fairfield. tough time of year to get records because typically we get this very warm weather. the winds are coming out of the northeast. when the air sinks, it warms. it also gets funneled through these channels. it gets funnels over the backside of mount diablo. it starts to accelerate. if we see winds tonight around skyline
12:20 am
boulevard, i wouldn't be surprised. hopefully they'll stay around 25 miles per hour. temperatures tomorrow will warm. daytime highs tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer than today. out on the bay you're going to be doing upper 70s, low 80s. over in the east bay, livermore valley, 90s. low and mid 90s in the warmest spots. but places like fremont and redwood city, those numbers are going to be very warm. we're looking at temperatures of 87 in napa. so around the bay in the places that are typically a little bit cooler you're going to be a little bit warmer. 84 in heyward. san jose will be a very warm day, 87 degrees. 85 in sunnyville. above the average for this time of year. as i mentioned before, temperatures are going to cool as we head in to the bay area weekend. going to start cooling on friday. they're going to stay very warm, above the average, so it's not going to be -- i think cooler, all relative. mid 70s and upper 70s. very nice. and the red
12:21 am
flag warning should go away by midmorning, early morning tomorrow. >> tonight we're learning wh
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pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> the national hockey league players union is calling a new offer for management a small step forward to potentially ending the lockout. the offer came during negotiations in new york city. the nhl says its offer would preserve an 82-game schedule this year, but the union says it would end up costing players $1.6 billion over six years. the union plans to meet again tomorrow to discuss the new offer once again. >> seems like something the
12:25 am
giants are getting used to, backs up against the wall. pressure's on. we've got to turn it on tomorrow. >> they seem to do their best when it's that scenario. a hard day's night for the giants. utter frustration starts about 1:00 in the afternoon our time, following a three and a half hour rain delay. it ends far too quietly about 7:30 pacific time. 0-7 with men in scoring position, begins to tell the story. 3rd inning, scutaro looking healthy. one of the guys who had a couple hits tonight. double to right. they get one on a grounder as a potential for a big inning ends as hunter pence, just a big buzz kill in the postseason games, hits in to a rally killing double plays. now 5-31, a .161 average with 0 r.b.i.s in the playoffs. matt carpenter only in game because carlos beltran was injured. pulls one to right with a man on.
12:26 am
5-5 lifetime against matt cain. 2-1 lead. they would never re linquish it following the rain delay. 6 up, 6 down for the closer. 3-1 final. 2-1 lead in the series. as for pence, he's on the hot see right now. there's talk he'll be moved down in the giants' batting order. >> i'm going to give him my all all wherever he's going to put me. i come here feeling confident every day no matter what. >> we didn't come through, but we come back tomorrow and try to keep working hard. just stay positive and keep fighting. >> in the american league, yankees hanging by a thread. it looks like a-rod has a foot and
12:27 am
a half out of the yankees' door. his ghastly performance in the playoffs has turned him in to deadwood on the roster. problem is, he's got more than $100 million on his contract. but there are confirmed reports tonight the miami marlins are interested in bringing a-rod to his hometown in miami. they're willing to pick up his contract, the story that a-rod himself a very familiar with. >> when you don't play well, i haven't played well. some of the criticism i've received, i've been here nine years, i can take that. well deserved. that other stuff, gaus -- gossip, i don't give a [ bleep ] about that. i hope nothing is going on like that because our only focus is to win a baseball game tonight. >> giants, 5:00, tim lincecum against adam wainwright, 5:00 on channel 2 here tomorrow. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning news will be
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